A few days ,a few slices of life

I love to support the local artists .I love pie .Sometimes we find pie made by a local
"pie artists"  .  This is called fruits of the forest , a medley of berries ,rhubarb with a little apple..someplace in Michigan near Lake Huron
 Spartacus and Spitvalve snoozing after an adventurous walk .
 I tried my best to catch the elusive blue moon
 Gene comes back for a day in between check ups and does the side show..he should return September 4..
The circus is a family affair..generations of family on an early Sunday morning playing, training, and practicing together .

Marshall and train tracks

Marshall is the only person I personally know that was hit by a train and lived. August 14 , 1986 was the date . He was double or triple jumping on Toby Tyler Circus from Ohio to Michigan . His main gig on the show was trumpet/ band leader , but on the circus sometimes extra jobs open up .

Fresia and Carolyn

Fresia is catching up to Carolyn in the height department .

Princess Dayesca turns 7

Princess Dayesca had the best princess birthday party . Her castle was decorated most regally , she had a Prince Charming , princess music , a pink carpet and royal pretty food ! There were brightly colored crepes, ice cream , cake ( of course !) and sweets . She received a bountiful assortment of magnificent gifts . It was so fun for the pretty princess and her kingdom !

Side Show

I don't remember when I started filling in at the sideshow . Maybe it was May and it was temporary and then it was till August 14 and now it is till September . We are wishing Gene a speedy healthy recovery .

My day is consumed . We usually get up and travel to the next town by 6.30 am , arriving hopefully no later than 8. Tent raising is usually at 9 ish . I recommend watching tent raising . Watching the guys get the tent in the air with Lisa pulling the center poles is a treat . An empty lot and then BOOM -3 hours later .. The circus lives.1.30 rolls around pretty fast and it is rigging time , usually in and out before 2..sometimes the Zebras are still practicing . My show activities begin at 3 , jockeying for shower and space in the trailer getting sparkly for the show . Marshall is always at the bandstand warming up by 3.30 and I sashay to the midway to invite patrons to see our oddities and antiquities inside professor Abner Mall's sideshow museum . 4.30 the show starts ...I do trapeze and then briskly shimmy back to the sideshow for intermission . I am there for after the show and preshow for the 7.30 show . Fresia covers for me while I set my mouthpiece in between shows ... At 9.30 I am done for the day. I get to do this every day until Gene returns ...

Hard times on the road

Check out this video on YouTube:


Rebecca Ostroff #aerialist