memorial day-2 shows

we drove over many beautiful bridges to get this location

everyone keeps telling me during the "buy outs" it will be so intense and we will do 3 show days. that will be the death of me. 2 shows a day and announcing kicks my butt..we shall see


a woman across oceans created this beautiful wall hanging with scraps from a factory

the joys of travel

not very enchanting !

Wednesday , May 26, 2010

trailer slides off blocks, 1 foot sideways! I hate it when that happens!!

another day , another adventure in electrical artistry.

I had to have a lovely piece of cake and a coffee to steady my nerves.

stop the presses!

SLADEK UNHOOKS !as people do


Lauren , Hashi, Patty, Jack, Amanda & Nathan and some more stop by on their way north!

For the first time in history Lauren and I have almost the same size thighs and almost the same hair color !!

Usually I am red when she is blond and vice versa!

I miss you Lauren ! we had such times on shows !

Lauren is an admirer of a good truck, she picks up on all the details of the lot.
showbiz ain't no mystery to her

the obvious is not always obvious

20 days away


sometimes I back up around corners trying so hard not to hit the Prevost, I hit other things..

that is how it is when you fly solo.. next time I use ground crew


On my drive I have been spying Magnolia trees, I love them.
I must plant a Magnolia tree ! I wonder if they work in Sarasota ?


Sladek's mission or one of his missions is to acquire thru nature 10 turtles this tour.He finds them on the side of the road and sometimes takes a little swim on his quest. He is rather famous amongst his friends for his love of the turtle.

On Lewis and Clark he is legendary that he will not unhook his truck from his trailer! He would rather go shopping with the whole deal on the jump or sometimes , in an emergency, he will take truck and trailer and do errands.

We all have our own way of doing things and who am I to judge ?

iron jaw

slaughterhouse five

I heard the pigs squealing and I looked at the big pig trailers and I came up with a good entertaining story.

I said to myself , how cool! a slaughterhouse and then I figured the little building/ store was a barbecue place.
well I was wrong..just a pig holding station..things are not always as they appear
however the reason I came up with this deduction was, we parked and showed at a flea market and barbecue..

It all goes back to hearing the pigs squealing and I was hungry...etc

an electrician's work is never done

I whipped up spme snappy adapters so I can connect all manner of light cable and enjoy the decadence of electricity at 200 feet away.

A female 15 amp edison on and a 30 amp male twist lock

A female 30 amp twist lock and a 30 amp rv male .


Isis is the daughter of Jose'. Elizabeth loves having her sister here!

is someplace I go to many times a conditions affect how I dress and because I change my clothes 10 times a day, I like to plan.

I do the hour by hour thing and with the details I can see the wind speed, humidity , precipitation, cloudy, sunny..everything

The other day we are doing a show and a very small cell passed over us and we got some hail. I knew it was a matter of minutes till the gloom would leave us and it would be sunny and perfect once again..thank you ..I am glad I do not have to study the sky wondering what the goddess of weather will give us.

bikini weather

nice and hot..just the way I like it

today when I did the sponsor thank you

I began with ," I would like to spank our sponsors "

oops ..I have a knack for sometimes saying weird things..

I quickly giggled and apologized and blamed it on the lack of caffeine in my system.

father and son