Yellow girl group

Fresia and Lana

getting ready to practice

fish art

Fresia spies a dead fish and draws a fish bowl.

Jessica Hentoff enjoys the sun !!

even the French Poodles are beautiful

In St Armand's Circle life is very good. Doggies even get their own plates of mussels.

Circus Ring of Fame

Sunday January 17, 2009

Dear Diary,

What can I say about a sunny, 70f, perfect day in St Armand's Circle,Sarasota Florida. The wonderfulness of just simply being there. St Armand's Circle is a place of beauty.The architecture, the shops, the "life is very good "ness of it all.

At this beautiful place we honored circus performers who have made a mark in circus history and have made the occupants of this planet happier, awed, amazed,thrilled and entertained.

The honorees are given wagon wheel plaques. You can walk around this pretty circle and read about all kinds of circus greatness.

Joy , and that emotion that happens when something is so big inside you that you lose all control and shed a tear.. I don't have a word for that emotion.That is how some people felt while thanking and sharing their lives. I loved hearing peoples stories.

Politicians proclaimed the wonder of circus. It was noted the importance and splendor of this special city where circus lives.

This is my favorite circus day so far this year!

animal trainers, aerialists, side show impresario

when pigs fly

January 16, 2010 as Fresia says..

I am a fourth generation bluish girl

January 14, 2009

Only a fool talks about the weather. I will be that fool. The sun is out, it is warm . Today practice felt amazing!!

I am bluish, if I wear blue it becomes me, so with that in mind I am covering my trapeze with blue denim..durable , fashionable and actually if you didn't know it was "jeans" one would think it was quite spifforific..easy on the eye

Today I had my favorite practice buddy, Simone , to practice with and we had a time !!! We were delirious with the privledge of warm air.Ron spotted us when we did new ,maybe could be dangerous stuff.

Robin bought my favorite *$ 's bev.

April took my new costume to paint, I am very thrilled because she is a great painter artist..I will be very popular with my new costume

After practice my funny, fruity friends finagled some fresh fruit from my fabulous tangelo trees..ta da ..


a new year! a new decade !! I will try and be better in every way!!!
I will drink more water, floss every day ,go to bed before 4, be less selfish, not be such a bi polar psycho wack job, be more sensitive and compassionate, pay attention to current events, read the paper or watch news, make new costumes, confront my fears, train my dog, wash my floor, fix my roof, do some gardening, bake bread, bake pies, always wear sunblock, take care in my personal appearance and I will try not to go shopping at my Publix in my fishnets and practice clothes actually there is nothing wrong with that...I will do more fun stuff with Fresia and Marshall every chance I get, I will find a female pure bread Dachshund for Spartacus.I will be a great thankful friend!! Last but not least I will make some great food from some really hard cookbooks..oh yes and not least least work on my restoration project the Scythian (Airstream trailer).

This year all 23 hours so far has been great.
When your year ends doing a first night circus with Bucky, Gigi, Peter Panic, Lee, Sladek, Jay Stewart, and Irina Marakova..(could be wrong on some spelling ) you have to lucky am I.

Jeanne is my amazingly talented genius sister in law in the fabric art department.

Lacey Terrell has a photograpy show in Greenwich,CT starting February 4, 2010