We have done255 shows! We are 1/2 done. Sebastian counts the shows, days, and towns , I count the shows, days and towns. 

Morris Museum of Morristown

We saw the inspiring Murtogh D Guinness mechanical musical instruments and Automata yesterday, thanks to Justin and Jason Senft for arranging and bringing us to the museum and to Jere Ryder for his wealth of knowledge.
What a splendid time.

Old Bridge , NJ

Dr Shapiro saves the day , getting some laser therapy and muscle stimulation and an adjustment !

Wonderful friends !! I love positive , enthusiastic people. That is all

Where is Crinou? Old Bridge was full of friends from near and far. I only had one minor meltdown !! It is amazing what a little lack of sleep and not getting a coffee can do to you

Party on

My friends from clown alley in Maryland gave me a shiny brass whistle, I am feeling bonafide !

It was Poppo the clowns birthday and these clowns know how to party

The weather has gone from beastly humid to chilly and rainy .
beastly  >  chilly

We have to deal with pathetic in the brain, intellect and knowledge ( of everything pertaining to animals anywhere on planet earth)  animal terrorists who sadly are mostly unemployed and are talented in the social media bullshit department = exhausting
photos from Havre de Grace, MD June 1, 2015

A day without sewing is a day without sunshine

new headpieces

Wendy, Sladek and self

Tavana sporting an eckoff original