Charlie Moyer's stuff

Marshall saves things .. Charlie Moyer was this amazing show guy..he played the trumpet, the keyboards, managed shows, did advance..was a band leader and did arrangements.. Marshall ended up with some of his things..

In honor of Charlie Moyer and all show musicians !!!



Bruce! Artist!!!!!!!

Bruce has the knack of sewing art, the patience, the creativity and most important the love of it all..he loves the detail, the beauty and he doesn't want me to be all messy


Sandpaper, mineral spirits, krylon blue


Do aerialists live in airstreams?

I don't know what possessed me to replace the old , tired decals...

I guess I was tired of my trailer looking tired

Old decals don't want to come off, I used many different methods. My favorite is a warm/hot iron over a soaking wet cloth. Most of the decal peels off with this method.
Mineral spirits are best for glue residue. I used alcohol, some 3m toxic thing, goo be gone.. a blade, I tried them all

it is mostly elbow grease

putting the new decal on is no picnic either! a two person yelling
we super cleaned the area, rubber off all dirt with alcohol, made a solution of 4 drops dish soap and water, sprayed, peeled, squeegeed....
over the rivets we used a hair dryer and pushed on the rivets with a tennis ball

we waited and waited the more you squeege the better it sticks...we used a mini credit card for the corners...

We are going to be so cool and popular!!!

New decal with safety cover

Removal of old decal

Scythian beautification

The Scythian is getting some work done on her. Today we will remove the rest of the blue decal along the side of the trailer. This is the worst job ever! The decal is fossilized on the trailer, I have removed half of it, I started in 2008, I got side tracked.
However today is the day of decal removal

Bruce Gutilla

Renaissance man, artist, clown
my new wings in process! Bruce came over for a fitting , my new wings are made of silk..they will be spectacular !!