Day 158, 71 to go

The world is in that backward place. I never thought people ( mostly men) would try and overturn Roe V Wade. I never thought the Planned Parenthood , a great place to go for reproductive health care would get violently attacked. I should have known something was going wrong when the arts became a luxury and the death of live music began.
I know people that truly believe the civil war never happened and that the confederate flag is good. I know people that embrace the kkk. I know people that think Hitler was good and Nazi is the way. I see people screaming at the public that come to the circus, because we have animals.
I lump them all together , terrorists and unpatriotic.
Freedom of speech does not mean throwing bags of excrement .
I know people that died fighting for our freedom.
I am in shock at the stupidity
I am ashamed at the hate.
I am thankful for the joy of the circus and the love of my family.


Sometimes people do this.
A day in the life of a fence.

All hands on deck

Girl power

 Showing Fresia how to play with elephants.  Making family history or herstory.


How about that!

Gold is always in fashion!


Today I blew the arrows.

I thought the right off the lot was hwy 235 BUT it was Fairground Rd and my journey took me on the pink line. I was supposed to basically just get on I-70 east.
My big adventure took me ONLY an extra 6 miles. It was very hilly and exciting!!

Sheep show/human animal bond

Sheep are quite beautiful. I strolled around and thought of picking up all the wool.We are sharing the grounds with a sheep show. The grass lot where we are showing  is pretty soggy. Not a day to strut in heels.

Fridman is welding new boxes for the new "shop truck". My truck is now the shop truck and I am moving to the air conditioned prop truck. 

Jeremiah made split peas soup and he saved me this !! 

It is all about the ring.

Luis is manicuring and perfecting the ring.

Sometimes some of yesterday's town gets rolled up in the tent and comes to the next town.

The challenge of gravel, nothing says I love your feet like sawdust (especially if you way 9,000 pounds).

The luxury of circus life

If you have experienced a traveling tented show you are a very fortunate individual.
Standing in the tent smelling the perfumes of spring is an elixir.

The unnatural and natural disaster tour

Father Whittington Archdiocese of Indianapolis, he was the guest ringmaster!

Osgood Grub company . This yummy restaurant was really close to the lot.
This year has been filled with  many challenging  events, flooded towns, rolled and totaled trucks and trailers, a smushed trailer due to improper driving and an altercation with a deer that left a truck undriveable for a few days.The saddest is the beloved shop truck and all the tools. rip rescue ranger truck. On the bright side the humans involved only had a few bumps and bruises. The sun is out and it is sunny!!


Susan Vonderheid came by for some circus life. She has the family 1989 dodge with 1/2 a million miles!! We all were coveting this truck.

Susan brought a collection of miscellaneous supplies. Some of Albert's treasures that she and Anita were ready to part with.

I am now the proud owner of some Albert Vonderheid tools..I can stop using my kitchen utensils for repair.

Gas station sushi

Who would have ever imagined gas station sushi?
Melted transmission 
Sawdust and spangles and mystery grounds

Early April 2017

 I get muddy and I forget about it till showtime 

One day I made hard boiled eggs and I got carried away, what a magical smell.

And then I blew the arrows

Today is day 5 of the mighty Kelly Miller Circus 2017 season.
We started out with a couple of life lessons on axels. On the bright side opening day was NOT thigh high mud AND everyone made it!
We have a lot of production costumes this year! A new back door curtain, bob cat tractor/forklift, a new winch and a bunch of fun improvements. We have brought back the new and improved Lovely Luawanna Lady featuring Wendy Bell ! I am spinning by my teeth in the opening of the show.
Enjoying a clean laundromat and even more entertaining is my photo of my favorite food #gasstationsushi!! I have only blown the arrows once. So far so good.

Winter in Sarasota

I have been a terrible blogger. There is always something to blog about when you are dealing with death defying rigging. Ringmaster, yogi, wife and mother are very interesting but it seems desperate to blog about these things. I guess I miss my identity of  Becky the aerialist more than being an aerialist. Actually I still am practicing my act, hanging by my teeth and toes etc.

Winter in Sarasota is always eventful !!
I pick up some catering gigs at Michael's on East, whenever I work with the LEGEND Rietta we get in trouble for chit chat.. We have so much fun taking a traditional toe point photo. We are so pleased with our latest endeavor we decided we are going to Vegas baby.
photo credit Fresia

I saw a photo of Steve and Ryan, super clowns and was quite pleased that Marshall and my costume from Halloween 2013 might have been inspirational in their costuming ( except for the Siamese twin part ) photo of Marshall and me by Sue Harber

We went to Albert Vonderheid's memorial on the 28th of December. This was so lovely, listening to stories and sharing our love for Albert, Anita, Susan and Maria .

Smiley Jack Daly's memorial was December 27 ! An amazing time sharing stories and honoring this clown, welder, designer, inventor, story teller man about town. The AMAZING Sladek and I did the traditional toe point. photo by Marshall