Blogging from an iPhone is a challenge

But I must blog about Tuffy Nicholas and his incredible spectacle in Atlantic City, New Jersey. We are set up right outside Resorts International Hotel and Casino. The tent is big and pinkish with some yellow.
Inside this tent we have 3 shows a day ! All totally different and great.
At 4.30 Great American Circus, lots of big thrills.
At 7.30 Cirque Polynesian, a beautiful breath taking love story with fire artists, dancers, the circus acts are the tests , the temptations and spirits... And there is a happy ending annnnnnd we have musicians and a vocalist!!!
At 11pm Cirque Risqué , an adult show. This is a sexy, choreographed show with circus acts ,comedians, live music and lots of sexiness and it is witty.
All shows have their own directors and temperaments.. Human emotions and other various sundries could make the most entertaining reality show.....
Dear Diary,
Forgive my grammar..

I seem to be some kind of happy...

Fresia and Diane

In between shows

Cirque risqué - abby's make up

Has a professional makeup artist doing their make up!! How cool is that!!

Great American, circus Polynesian and cirque risqué all opened today in Atlantic city

Cast of circus Polynesian

Dress rehearsal @ 10 am for circus Polynesian

The amount of rigging in these shows is insanely amazing!! Tuffy says, " you can't have enough aerial" 6 webs, 6 silks, Russian swing, platform motorcycle, high wire, wheel of death , single trapeze, swinging silks,swinging spinning Lyra, contorting Lyra, static Lyra and that is just most of the aerial..well there 3 shows and there are other acts, that are incredible! Fire dancers and all kinds of coolness .
The lighting is real lighting with black outs. We have a stage black floor. The sound is really good. We have a singer and two wonderful musicians.I guess I am getting kind of excited...

Insane amount of aerial acts

Another set up...



L.E.Barnes lot from Atlantic City 2001

A little tv

Polynesian dancers, tv lady and self doing a little tv action!!!