the mundane and a little ramble

when one is a free agent, such as myself..

one does a lot of freaking out

I just want to work all year that too much to ask ?

oh Goddess of performance, I am a loyal subject

give me work , lots of work, lots of lovely , lovely work..don't fence me in ....

today at "work" I pack, make lists, practice,wrap my trapeze bar,perhaps paint, exercise and maybe some light sewing..sigh.. it is very exhausting ..

my job has a lot of preparation

someone referred to me as a blabber, well I could blab..oh how I could tell stories..the truth.. the intense harsh truth of some of my colleagues.. what I saw and what I know. I feel some stories are too much for a little unimportant dear diary sort of a blog. Who really gives a care about the crimes, lies, infidelities others commit? I am not a huge critic or judge and jury..

unless of course someone wears a back costume! or stretches their act for friends or the producer

Everyone has to deal with their own demons on their own and I will not help !
I will be a great loyal friend to the end, to the best of my abilities.

We are only human after all.

Live and let live and be a lady..I think my grandmothers' Rose and Doris , my grandfathers' Philip and Barney and my mom and dad gave me these little snippets of advice ,don't spit in public, keep your income, political and religious views to yourself.
Try not to swear like a sailor and act all crazy.My favorite is , " as long as nobody gets hurt and you are happy "