52 shows already ! Friday February 28 , 2014 . Tomorrow is 6 pack weekend # 4

Marshall having some border fun.
I can't believe we have done 52 shows already . I guess that means we are 1/10 th of the way done . Fresia has been practicing web with the Mongolian ladies , they have never done Spanish web so they have to learn all the ins and outs . Fresia is a great teacher . I sometimes help as well as Tavana , Nick and Raul . We have been practicing almost everyday . After practice today Tavana ,Sue ,Arwen , Amina ,Zaya , Fresia and I went on a Mall ,Wal-mart , Chick -Fil-a , Starbucks field trip ..It was pretty entertaining . It was a 4 hour journey . I really love being in the valley .

Last night we had a bar-b -que outside our trailer . It was a little cold outside and so nice to have a couple of warm grills to stand by . This was a dress rehearsal bbq we are supposed to do a more professional bbq Saturday after the 3rd show . Just saying 3rd show makes me tired !

                                                  Selfie with Fletcher who happens to be Fresia's helpful web setter .

 The ladies entering for the production . I am not being pompous but this is so Degas looking to me .

                                          Did I say the men do this cool sashay dance step and the horses are moved like they are a carousel ride .

On a side note , Marshall slipped off the band stand and smashed his face into a quarter pole a while ago and his chops were in some pain . Yesterday he started playing his trumpet again . That makes me happy . 

Luis the prop boss had his appendix removed ! We hope he has a very speedy recovery . Lucky for us Nick and Raul are both here . Raul Olivares is the performance director and Nick does the ring and my rigging and assists me and  does special projects and juggles very well .
Raul and Johnny being all stylish ( next to a lovely wheelbarrow ) . Oh yes did I say we are getting a new WELL MADE tent sometime in the near future ? Can you say EXCITED ?