26 shows

I questioned the sanity and dedication of all the people on Kelly Miller Circus until the crew arrived . Somehow through shear determination we moved the show and set it up 3 times without our big top crew !! The 3 Perez brothers were huge at making the tent safely go up . When everyone arrived Friday night it was the biggest hug fest , hand shaking happy time ! Things are slowly feeling normal here , except I am finding performing 16 shows a week very intense . I have a lot of self indulgent ( a quality I detest in performers ) performing . In the production I get to watch Fresia perform on the " Spanish Web " , that's right I am doing fabric and I get to watch her . I love this !! My trapeze act is extra fun because for the first time ever I am getting pulled up to my trapeze !! what was I thinking all these years of hand over hand up my rope ? The truth of the matter is I didn't want anyone touching my feet . I just started climbing that way ..ugh ugh..what a lot of work . The other part of my trapeze is the insane announcement I get AND my super cool music , that I love working to! The first tune " is for me to know and you to find out" ! HA, ok I confess , it is " Impossible " written by John Ringling North for Pinito del Oro ..so wonderful and for the swinging I am using a song called "1980" . Our friend Clarke W wrote an arrangement for my friend Tavana ( in the day ) and I always thought it was such a great tune . Both of these pieces of music have great trumpet parts so when Marshall finishes getting all the computer music cues for the show , he can then play his horn and it will be like "our act " .( in my mind)

The show has a very different feel and look than last year .
General manager  Jim Royal /  road manager Oscar Perez /superintendent Tava Perez /tent boss Teto Perez /Fleet superintenent Danny Brown aka Danny Carey

Produced by Johh Ringling North 2

ringmaster is John Moss , Johnny Moss is super amazing and helpful

Marshall computer aka keyboard and trumpet

Mike is the drummer

aerial production by Tavana

production , finale and intermission music sought out by Tavana

costumes for the aerial production by Karen , Carmen , and me

props for the aerial production built and designed by Danny , Ryan and Fridman and Tavana and  me , Clara did some sewing on the carousel

production and finale choreographed by Norbuto Fusco

Can Can by Carolyn Rice

lighting by John Moss with Fridman's technical input and probably Danny

Wardrobe mistress is Susanna

I am leaving out all the amazing prop guys and performance directors and all the other hugely important departments because I am not trying to write a novel and you can buy a program ( from Fridman )

this is the show

7 bengal siberian tigers

2 Mongolian contortionists

1 French gold medal juggler Nicholas with Arwen assisting

a new Patriotic mixed act with a new somersault dog , trained by the world reknown Dick Kohlr-----

starring dogs , goats , llamas .The act is trained by Carolyn with her sidekicks Shirley , Fresia and sometimes Lamount

a strongman clown bit by John "the new clown"

Fridman from Peru and Sammy saving a balloon and stacking chairs

the aerial production which is a carousel with amazing ponies and men actually dancing and parasols and glitter .The ladies do web and I do fabric ..there is a bunch of us from everywhere

tight wire with American Fletcher who does a back somersault on the wire by the way

Trapeze with iron jaw ! me

Can Can followed by the French Foriegn Legion and Zebras ...

A clown shark fishing production , clown goes fishing and gets eaten by a shark .

Elephants 2 from Oklahoma , Reyna and Zefta ride directed by Armando

Lamount from Connecticut does his club style poi awesome fire act

and then


                                         Nik , John and Fridman

                                                    Arwen in blue

                                          Production cuteness

                                          Stretching !

in conclusion the show is great and believe it or not 16 shows a week does not cut into my "wine time"