Adventure du jour

Everyday is action packed with adventure and a challenge or two . 
The whole physical transport and set up of this massive beast is pretty impressive . When the entire crew is here it is a dance . We are making it happen with basically 2 big top crew and a lot of show volunteers , the elephant , zebra and tiger department making a great showing and about 6 day laborers . Hooking up water hoses for example is taking hundreds of feet of hose and hooking up to a hydrant . We then get water to play with . It is a job , the water department is being run by John RN, Shirley , Carolyn  and Tavana . The electrical department Is Fridman , Marshall , John M, Johnny M and Mike and Danny and Tavo and a bunch of people . Lighting is done by The Moss lighting company and Fridman and new guy . Props are being done by performers and animal department . We generate a lot of trash so after a show everyone who can picks up trash . Last night was a mixed group of pies at the pony ride . We let Mike R be the boss ,  I am glad I can sort of do the work but glad my main work is stilly tricks in the air . Almost everyone is pitching in . Oh yeah did I say it was cold a bunch and muddy ?
Today someone hung a main fall upside down !! Fridman put on a harness and climbed to the top , he had a safety line , when he got to the top he hooked off the frame and pulled the block and turned it around . What a crazy upper body workout !