Brownsville or bust

Fun times , sitting on my chunky rear while Marshall drove the entire way to Brownsville , Texas . That was about 1400 miles . The highlight of the journey was stopping in Henderson , Louisiana and going to Crawfish Town . We ate fresh spicy crawfish , Frog legs and other Cajun delights .

Upon arriving in Brownsville we got parked and got our own lights and water . The show / the people who are here got everything figured out rigging and prop wise on a skeleton crew . To make everything spectacular the weather has been cold , cold , cold ! I think I saw snowflakes this morning !!
I think the show is great !! My favorite part is the carousel . This is the production number .So magical and pretty !! Tavana's concept with the usual delegation of sewing and construction by the talented team , about 12 people create , build and sew to make this happen !

I can't wait till we warm up . Circus in a tent in the cold is -----
photo by me , The mixed animal act practicing ..